Are you ready to start your own home-based information products marketing business?

You don’t necessarily need a home-based business if your family is wealthy, like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates.

Even though Charlie was fired from Two and a Half Men in the end, he was still very well compensated at around 2 million dollars an episode and likely has a few extra bucks for a rainy day. What about Charlie Sheen’s replacement Ashton Kutcher? He is reported to make 700,000 per episode plus bonuses, so I believe he can do without a home-based business to keep him afloat browse around this site.

You don’t have to open an information marketing company if you are famous or wealthy.

What about the rest?

Everyone should start and build their own information products marketing company, even if they have a great job, even if it’s just a side hustle to make extra money.

Millions of people discovered that a job is worthless even in this horrible economy. This was something I found three times during my career.

Aren’t it better to be ready for anything by owning your own home based business that you can turn to if necessary?

Your current job isn’t what you want, or it’s not something you like.

You might also be retiring or near retirement and wondering how you will supplement your Social Security checks.

You can do this all with a home-based information products business. This is why you need to own your home-based information marketing company.

Millions dream of starting their own business from home. Are you one of these millions? While it’s great to be one of those millionaires, please don’t let that stop you from dreaming big. They may even give up on their home-based business ventures too soon. They don’t get the success they expect, so they lose faith or need help knowing where to go next.

You can now start your own legitimate home business if you have ever dreamed of starting your own business.

Why wait?

Imagine being able only to focus on information products marketing. This will allow you to stop wasting time and money trying every “opportunity” out there. Imagine your info-products marketing business being a home-based success over here.

You might wonder, “Can I make a successful home-based information products marketing business?”

I believe you can! You have to do it. You can’t do it. I can only help you with articles such as this and ask you to look at all the information products, marketing blogs, and websites on the Internet. For example, you can do a Google search for “information products marketing home-based business.” Check out the website information in your search results to get started.

Listen to these examples of people who started with very little or no money and made a decent part-time income or even a million dollars in marketing information.

As someone who worked as a freelancer and earned some extra income through information marketing, I am a great example. As their Marketing Manager, I worked for a small company division. I realized I needed to do something side-by-side to escape corporate life.

Painting with acrylic paint or oil paints was something I loved to do in my spare time. I’ve learned many ways to save money on art supplies and wanted to share my knowledge with other artists and craftspeople. I self-published a 32-page booklet entitled “How to Save up To 60% on Art and Craft Supplies” which I self-published. It cost me only 50 cents to print, and I sold it for $5. In a few years, I sold nearly 8,000 copies and made 39,213 dollars in sales. Although I am not Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher, I enjoyed the extra income.

Joe Karbo is a classic example of someone who made a fortune in the information market (much more than I did). Joe was one of my inspirations to start my information marketing side business.

Joe was in danger of bankruptcy after he lost his highly-paid job. To avoid bankruptcy, he spoke to many attorneys. He learned how to negotiate and wrote “The Power of Money Management,” a book he sold through direct response ads in Southern California newspapers and magazines. Joe was able to avoid bankruptcy by writing the book.

In the middle ’70s, he wrote a second book in six weeks. It has since become American Classic … “The lazy man’s way to riches.” Nearly three million copies were sold for 10 dollars each. I purchased a copy of the book and loved it.

Ted Nicholas, another millionaire in information marketing, shares the story of Matt Furry. Matt follows Ted’s lead. Matt started his Internet business in 1995. He was in debt of 50,000 dollars. To buy Ted’s homestudy course, he had to come up with 317 dollars. Ted used the headline, “You a Millionaire Author?” Matt was intrigued enough to purchase the course through Ted’s ad.

Ted claims that Matt has sold information products worth 30 million dollars online. Ted describes Matt’s company as lean and mean, with no employees or debt. Wow! This inspires me. What about you?

Dan Kennedy, a small-business marketing expert, shares the story of a friend who started a business selling information to owners of pot-bellied pork. He made 750k per year. What niche does that sound like it could support at such a high business level?

Tim Kerber is a member site expert and uses his student’s experience as a case study to show what information marketing membership websites can do. Carrie Wilkerson is his student. Carrie Wilkerson is a mother who launched her business without any online experience and with a baby of three weeks. Carrie is now considered an authority in her field, is a well-known public speaker, has 10,000 customers and prospects, and is on track for six figures within her first year. All this she accomplished in just one year.

Information marketing success story after success story could go on and on. It is inspiring to hear the stories of others who have succeeded in information marketing. This is enough to give you an idea. Even though these results are not typical, you can achieve them with some skills and abilities.

You can do it!

Terry Dean, an information marketer, described selling information as one of the most rewarding and exciting businesses in which any entrepreneur could be involved.

Every day, information products worth millions of dollars are sold around the globe. Marketing information is the key to most online success stories.


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